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Light up your 3D printer

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Let’s continue with the upgrades series for the Kossel 3D printer. Today I decided to light up my delta by using LED strips. Therefore, it will make my print job overnight be easier.

1. Design

Here is the draft design for this project. First of all, the frames, which are marked as blue on the picture, are 3D printed. The all LED strips are going to be attached on them. In addition, our frame will have a specify angle to make sure all light directions will point directly to the center of the heatbed.

2. Materials and printed parts

Please find in the list below all the materials needed for this project:


  • 6x LED stripes (12VDC, width: 1cm, length: 15cm each)
  • M3x10mm bolts
  • M3 T-nuts Wires

Printed parts: 

You can find all the printed parts here: www.thingiverse.com/thing:2943798

  • 6x Part01
  • 6x Part02
  • 6x Part02_Mirror

Part 01

Part 02

Part 02


3. Print settings

You can print multiple parts at the same times without the need for support. Here are my print settings for your reference:
  • Material: PLA
  • Support: No
  • Resolution: 0.2mm/layer
  • Infill: 20%
  • Temperature: 190 (C)

4. Assemble

  • Step 01: Using 12V LED strip (1cm in width) and cut it into 6 pieces (15cm each)

  • Step 02: Soldering all 6 LED strips.

  • Step 03: Wire out all LED strips.

  • Step 04: Make a small board to attach all LED strips, 12VDC power supply and ON/OFF switch.

  • Step 04 (cont.): Make a small board to attach all LED strips, 12VDC power supply and ON/OFF switch.

  • Step 05: Connect and test all LED strips
  • Step 06: Using a piece of tape to cover all circuit board

  • Step 07: Use M3 T-nut and bolts to attach the board to the frame (below the heated bed).

  • Step 08: Attach the board to the frame (below the heated bed).

  • Step 09: Print 6xPart01, 6xPart02 and 6xPart02_Mirror to make 6 LED strips holder.

  • Step 10: Using super glue to attach LED stripe into LED stripe holder (Part01). Remember to attach the Part02 and Part02_Mirror to Part02 before doing this step.

  • Step 11: Attach all LED strips to 3d printer frame with M3 T-Nuts.

  • Step 11 (cont.): Here is what we have after installing all of LED strips

  • Step 12: Remove the heated bed and connect all LED stripes to the small board we’ve made before. For the 12VDC input, you can use directly from 3d printer power supply.

  • Step 13: For the ON/OFF switch, you can place it in front.

5. Result

And here is what we got after all these steps:

Let’s take a look with this video below

If you want to cover your 3D printer like I do, please refer a tutorial here: How to enclose your Kossel 3D printer

Have fun!

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